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              Stadium lighting case

              Time:2023-10-17 Views:78
              Shenzhen SAI-Lighting Co., Ltd. (formerly Strong Luming Outdoor Division) is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of LED high-power lamps. The company mainly produces UFO highbay lights, linear highbay lights, street lights, solar street lights, court lights, floodlights, and tunnel lights.
              Our company philosophy is to develop ultra-energy-saving products with intelligent functions to achieve secondary energy saving, which can reduce global energy consumption. It has launched 200LM/W series of industrial UFO high bay light, street lamps etc.  with microwave sensor, PIR sensor, Bluetooth sensor, ZIGBEE controller , LORA controller, CAT.1 controller and other intelligent products, achieving energy saving of more than 25-75% than conventional LED lamps. Many products have obtained international authoritative certifications such as UL ETL TUV-CE ENEC CB. 
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              Mainly engaged in LED high-power lamps research and development, production and sales.

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              Contact Us

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